#TheSapientIMPACT: Our Client Portfolio Across Various Industries in Nigeria [Infographics]

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For over 9 years, we’ve consistently provided practical engineering solutions to our clients across the residential, commercial, industrial, oil and gas, banking, real estate, maritime and construction industry in Nigeria.

Below is an overview of the Sapient IMPACT in Nigeria over the years, enjoy!

The Sapient IMPACT: Our Client Portfolio Across Various Industries in Nigeria

  • Downstream Oil & Gas. In the downstream oil and gas, we worked with MRS Oil Nigeria Plc to complete ten projects by providing civil works, electrical works, mechanical works, gas piping works, furniture & joinery works, floor & wall finishes.
  • Microfinance Banks. And in the microfinance banking industry, we’ve also completed five projects for our clients, Advans Lafayette Microfinance Bank and AB Microfinance Bank by providing renovation, civil works, electrical and mechanical works for each of our clients.
  • Commercial Bank. While in the commercial banking industry, we completed a project for a client, Skye Bank Plc. by providing aperture re-sizing job, for staging of new ATMs in Ekiti State.
  • Maritime Training. Also in the maritime training sector, we completed a project for Maritime Academy by constructing a one story staff office block for lecturers in Akwa-Ibom State.
  • Migration/NGO. And in the migration industry, we’ve also completed a project for International Organization for Immigration (IOM) by refurbishment of NIS Screening Centre in Sokoto State.
  • Telecommunication. In the telecommunication, we completed a project for MTN Communication Ltd. by providing civil work for shelters and for walk through scanner at GOP, Ojota, Ibadan, Oyo State.
  • Health/Medical. While in the health/medical industry, we completed a project for JNC International Ltd. by providing renovation works on the Maternal Ward Upgrade Project at the State Hospitals in Ibadan, Oyo state.
  • Energy & Power. And in the energy & power industry, we completed a project for IBEDC. And in the health NGO sector, we worked with Hygeia Foundation to deliver minimal upgrade of facilities Comprehensive Health Centre, Shonga Kwara State General Hospital, Erin Ile, Kwara State.
  • Property Development. We also completed six projects for our clients in the property development industry, Propertymart Real Estate Investment Ltd., Cityprime Garden Estates Ltd. and Mutual Benefits Homes and Property Ltd. by constructing two number gates, mechanical and electrical works and renovation works.
  • Construction. Finally, we completed two projects for a client in the construction industry, JHN Engineering Ltd. providing re-modelling of waiting area, out-patient department, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) Yaba, Lagos state.
  • Residential. While in the residential area, we completed seven projects.

The Sapient IMPACT Across Different Nigerian States

We’ve not only cut across different industries in Nigeria, we’ve also cut across different states too!

  • Oyo State
  • Lagos State
  • Ogun State
  • Ondo State
  • Kogi State
  • Kwara State
  • Sokoto State
  • Imo State

To view the project galleries of the Sapient IMPACT as described above, kindly click here to visit our project portfolio page.

The Sapient IMPACT

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