ROAD MAINTENANCE: 4 Categories of Maintaining Nigerian Roads

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Maintaining Nigerian Roads

In our previous article on road maintenance, we discussed about what road maintenance is, why it is important and the 4 critical functions of maintaining Nigerian roads.

In this article, we want to go further in discussing about the 4 categories of road maintenance.

4 Categories of Maintaining Nigerian Roads

Road maintenance is very important. This is because it helps to keep roads on a good condition for commuters to get to their destination.

But to ensure that roads are kept in good conditions, there are 4 paths to take to that effect.

These 4 categories are:

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Recurrent Maintenance
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is required to be carried out continually on every road, irrespective of its engineering features or volume of vehicular traffic. Routine maintenance expenses are treated as fixed-cost items in the maintenance budget. They include lane marking, drainage clearing, bridges and culvert maintenance, grass cutting and so on.

Recurrent Maintenance

This is required at intervals during the year. The frequency of this maintenance depends on the topographic and climatic characteristics of the area and the volume of traffic on the road. It involves maintenance of pavements for paved roads, repairing of potholes and grading for unpaved roads.

Periodic Maintenance

This involves major repairs or rehabilitation of those parts of the highway that have deteriorated over the years. The frequency involves intervals of some years. The activities include surface dressing or resealing and re-gravelling of shoulders for paved roads and re-gravelling for unpaved roads.

Emergency Maintenance

This maintenance is carried out beyond routine, recurrent and periodic maintenance. It is caused mainly by unexpected substantial landslide, when a road is abruptly cut or a bridge washout occurs or it could be due to some seismic factors.


Road maintenance means the preserving and keeping of road structures as near as possible in their original state. It consists of correcting deficiencies that have developed as a result of age, use and the effects of the elements, and taking steps to prevent or delay the development of other deficiencies.

Road maintenance is vital in order to prolong its life. Also well-maintained roads reduce the cost of operating vehicles by providing good running surface. Proper maintenance also keeps the roads open and ensures greater regularity, punctuality and safety of transport services.

What other categories of road maintenance do you know?

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