Why Construction Projects Fail and are Abandoned in Nigeria

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construction projects fail

This is my 7th publication on Lamudi -Nigeria’s largest online property marketplace. We were recently enlisted as one of their columnist and in this post, I talked about Why Construction Projects Fail and Are Abandoned


It is often said that Nigerian government is not bereft of ideas but the capacity to implement. One thing is having a good idea or plan but another thing is having the capacity to implement it to the latter. This is also the case with most construction projects in Nigeria.

It is safe to say that when the construction design has been done that the project can be said to be half done, but one wonders why most of these projects don’t see the light of the day.


Why Construction Projects Fail and are Abandoned in Nigeria

From my 9 experience in the Nigerian construction industry, here are 4 reasons why construction projects fail and are not completed in Nigeria;

  1. Unqualified Contractors:

When construction projects are initiated, most contractors place more emphasis on money and the initial mobilization fee instead of getting the right workforce and professionals that will execute the project. When this becomes the case, the workforce is chosen based on availability and not competence and having the right skills.

  1. Kick-starting a lot of Task at the Same Time:

This is another reason why some construction projects fail. Most quack contractors often don’t have a well laid out plan and strategy for their projects. In other to meet up wasted time, they try to kick-start a lot of projects at the same time therefore getting stuck in the middle of the project. The strategy of multi-tasking workers at the same time has always proved counterproductive because it slows people down and affects the quality and worst of all causes delays.

  1. Unspecified Scope of Work:

The inability of most contractors to not properly be specific on the scope of work most times affects the output. Any construction project that doesn’t have a clear goal is doomed. Furthermore changing the scope of work in the middle of the project can be dangerous and if not properly handled can lead to delays, increase in cost and most especially abrupt stoppage.

  1. Poor Budget Planning:

Poor budget planning is a regular mistake being made by some contractors. They begin their construction project from a design perspective instead from a financial perspective and this is due to the failure of not having a contractor to properly assess the construction project and statistics has shown that this is one of the major reasons why some projects are not completed. A professional contractor can help plan a project according to the available resources and not according to the dream project in mind.

In Conclusion

To avoid these 4 reasons why construction projects fail and are abandoned in Nigeria, you are advised not to go into construction projects alone. Work with a seasoned professional contractor like us with proven track records of 100% completed projects!

Stay tuned for the follow-up article to this where I will be sharing the two major contributions of working with  professional contractors on your next construction project.

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