The Nigerian construction industry is ripe with opportunities as we have previously discussed here. However, these opportunities are not without their own share of challenges, so in this post we will be looking at a couple of these challenges in Nigeria’s construction industry. 5 Common Challenges of Nigeria’s Construction Industry Scope Creep In Nigeria’s construction

In the first part of this series, we introduced what value engineering is and why it is beneficial for clients to have it integrated into their construction projects. This is the concluding article and we will be discussing about how value engineering improves function, quality and reduce the cost of construction projects. How Value Engineering

Perhaps the most overused words in the field of construction are time, quality and cost. A further analysis will reveal why this is so; every client wants a quality construction project, delivered on schedule and within budget. In other words, the top concern of construction clients revolves around these three metrics; time, costs and quality.

Every business today has capital expenditures budgeted for their capital projects. Capital expenditures are funds used by a company to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as property, industrial buildings or equipment. It is often used to undertake new projects or investments by the firm. Although, large capital projects are often not delivered at the

What is your view about quality when it comes to constructing or maintaining your building? Construction projects are always expected to create a balance between cost, time and quality. High quality is not always the primary objective for most clients; however, it is extremely important to a successful project. Any project with a good construction

This is the second article of the critical functions of road maintenance. In a previous article, we talked about the first critical function of road maintenance – surface maintenance and the reasons why regular road surface maintenance is important. In this post, we will be discussing about the second critical function of road maintenance –

As we continue our series on Road Maintenance, we’ve discussed the 4 critical functions of road maintenance and 4 categories of maintaining Nigerian roads in previous articles. In this article, we want to discuss about one of the critical functions of road maintenance: surface maintenance. What is Surface Maintenance? Sun, heat and vehicle loads can

In our previous article on road maintenance, we discussed about what road maintenance is, why it is important and the 4 critical functions of maintaining Nigerian roads. In this article, we want to go further in discussing about the 4 categories of road maintenance. 4 Categories of Maintaining Nigerian Roads Road maintenance is very important.

Most Nigerian roads across the country are in bad shape. Their deterioration often begins with the origin of cracks or pot holes on the road pavements either at the edges or along the drive way. And the problem of bad roads in the country has become an embarrassing stigma. Causing several havoc such as fatal

In a previous post, we discussed about pre-construction mistakes often made by building contractors. The truth is that, no building construction project takes place without the presence of a building contractor. Why? Because a building contractor has a wide range of duties when it comes to building construction projects. And his job consists of hard

In a previous article, we discussed about the ways and key people you need to successfully build your own house. Building your own house is the most common way of owning a house. But there are so many factors to consider when building your home. Therefore, in this post we will be discussing the factors

The project manager is an individual who provides leadership in planning, organizing and controlling the work effort to accomplish the defined construction project objectives. In other words, the project manager provides the leadership to the project team to accomplish the project objective. He further coordinates the activities of his team members to ensure that they