A procurement manager is an individual who leads and manages a procurement team that is responsible for procuring goods and services for a company. With the above description, the question now is: what essential competences do you need as a procurement manager in order to execute successfully? The answer is the essence of this post.

When it comes to procuring goods and services at the best possible price, in the right quantity and quality, in the right place and from the right source, there are key essential factors that must be put in place to benefit from a good procurement management. And without these key essential factors in place, all

For over 9 years, we’ve consistently provided practical engineering solutions to our clients across the residential, commercial, industrial, oil and gas, banking, real estate, maritime and construction industry in Nigeria. Below is an overview of the Sapient IMPACT in Nigeria over the years, enjoy! The Sapient IMPACT: Our Client Portfolio Across Various Industries in Nigeria

As a procurement officer, you are always faced with incredible difficult choices to make on a daily basis regarding construction procurement. To ensure less construction procurement mistakes are made and to guarantee an effective construction procurement transaction for your company isn’t something that generally happens overnight. While there is no magic formula for you to

How is your building maintenance activity and are you giving maintenance culture the much need attention it deserves? Maintaining your building is an important process for the sustainability of the infrastructural components of the building. It plays an important role among other activities in the building operations.  The Importance of Building Maintenance The primary objective

Two of the most common risks clients face on any building construction project relate to time and money. All clients are concerned about time and budget overruns. Will the project be delivered on schedule? Hope the project won’t outgrow the budgeted funds? A building construction project which gives tenderers insufficient time to prepare a submission

Vendor prequalification helps clients to ensure that construction contractors are well qualified, that services are obtained for reasonable cost, and that their projects are well organized contractually to minimize the potential for costly changes and delays. This responsibility solely rests on the shoulders of procurement officers and managers; they are responsible for prequalifying vendors by

As the 2015 gradually winds up today, we are very grateful to all our esteemed clients; Advans La Fayette Microfinance Bank, Hygeia Foundation, AB Microfinance Bank, Skye Bank Plc., MRS Oil Nigeria Plc., and Propertymart Real Estate Investment Ltd. Looking back through the year, below are the construction projects we executed for our clients this

One of the advantages of choosing a reputable building contractor or construction company is avoiding a poorly done building construction work. Poor quality of construction has been identified as one of the major reasons for building collapse. This is usually due to the engagement of services of untrained workers without proper engineering knowledge. Though it

In my last post, I shared on 6 Things to Look Out For When Hiring a Building Contractor. Well, it is not enough to employ the services of a building contractor without researching thoroughly the construction company that the contractor comes from. It is worthy to note that a good construction company delivers the best

Hiring a good contractor is the key to a successful building project. Whether it is your home, office or an even larger project, the contractor you select will determine the outcome of your original plan. It’s the contractor you pick that makes or breaks your construction project. Choosing the wrong contractor can lead to delays,

According to a recent research by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Nigeria’s real estate industry value is going to hit $13.65 Billion by 2016. Without doubt, this is a clear indication that Nigeria real estate industry is very viable. Nigeria is experiencing rapid urbanization, with an estimated annual national population growth rate of just over 2% and an